Thanks for help finding Abraham BAER #germany


Thanks to all who helped me finally locate information on my g grandmother
Lena Wohl BAER'S family. With the discovery of her mother's (Fanny WOHL
BAER) tombstone at the Rat Beil Strasse cemetery in Frankfurt am, we got a
death date of Sept. 10, 1869 and a birth date of Aug 13, 1814. Lena's father
was also identified as Abraham BAER, a merchant of Wiesbaden who predeceased
his wife. Lena (Lina) was born June 10 1849 supposedly in Baden but there
may be a possibility that it was Wiesbaden. So there is still more to learn, but
that is of course the nature of genealogy. Thanks again to all.

James Aronson, Winchester, Ma.

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