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Unclaimed funds, by law, must be turned over to the state if the owner
cannot be located. About half the states have searchable lists of their
unclaimed property at the website of the National Association of
Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) at ,
or do a search on NAUPA. Of course, only the names, last known address,
and account identification number are known by the state. The ident.
may include Social Security No. The States that are not on-line with
searchable lists are also on the NAUPA website with contact info.

My wife had some 30 year old funds with NY State. We located it at via
that website. It took many months to satisfy the authorities that she
was indeed the account owner, since she had long long ago moved from
the old New York address.

IsraelP wrote:

In the course of our project to identify every Pickhol(t)z
that ever was, one of our team came up with a list of
thirteen unclaimed New York accounts (some bank, some
insurance). ...

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