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Janet Reagan <sapres@...>

Gf: Lewis Jefferson DeYoung 6/11/1884 - 3/7/1952 b. Detroit, Mich
GGf: Samuel Dejong (2) 9/27/1845 - 1917 b. Rotterdam, came to Amer 1870-1873
married 8/10/1870 to GGm: Betje Koekoek (pron. "cucoo"?) 1840-1920 b. The Hague
GGGf: David Koekoek - GGGm: Hesje DeBeer

Have located a few descendants of Gf's brothers...anyone else out there?
Also, descendants of GGf & GGm and GGGf & GGGm.

Janet Goldstein Reagan
Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Janet Reagan

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