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In relation to the questions >from Bob Weiss in Palo Alto USA:

<<Does anyone know whether the versions being digitized are the
originals or latest update versions or perhaps both?>>
<<Do libraries maintain multiple versions for different years?>>

"The Library accumulated its unsurpassed collection of fire insurance maps
primarily through copyright deposit. In addition, the Bureau of the Census
transferred a set of maps updated with pasted-on corrections through to the
mid-1950s to the Library of Congress in 1967." (qouted from

A detailed description of the digitizing project can be found at

More answers can be found on the Library of Congress web site
(, where a search on "Sanborn Maps" will lead several other URLs.

Ben Fischler
Glenn Dale, Maryland, USA

FISCHLER, ERDTRACHTER, FUCHS, left Austro-Hungarian Empire for New York City
USA in 1880s (possibly >from vicinity of Stanislawow (now Ivano-Frankivsk)
and/or Chortkov--now in the Ukraine, then the Austrian province of Galicia)
DEMLING, DEMERLING in early-mid-1800s Austro-Hungarian Empire and/or Romania

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