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On Jewishgen, after I read about the Poor Jews Temporary Shelter database at
:, I searched the site. To
my astonishment(!!!), I found the name of a person that could be my
grandmother Sarah EPSTEIN's brother Hyman EPSTEIN >from 1908 immigration. He
(EPSTEIN) at age 17, was a stowaway on a ship bound >from New York
to Russia. He was detained in South Africa for 14 days.

Could someone please advise me what my next step should be. How can
I use the information >from the database? Does South Africa have ships'
passenger lists? I have searched 100s of ships' lists. I have not found
any of my grandmother's family as passengers on ships to the USA. This
would be the first information/material about an Epstein relative. I haven't
located any of their paper trails to date; consequently,I very much want
to verify if this is my Epstein.

Thanks to all for your time and help,
Linda Cohen
EPSTEIN & ROTMAN >from Nevelozh/Slutsk Belarus
DRUCKER & BECKER >from Ludmir/Vladymir Volhynia UKR
KATZ, EISENBERG, WEISS >from Mukachevo(Munkacs) & Zsukovo UKR
KATZ & BRAUNSTEIN >from Huszt & Bustyna Ukraine

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