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In searching for my own family I came across at Leo Baeck Institut, 4
volumes of (bear with me here...)
"Handbuch der Judischen gemeindevewaltung und Wolfahrtspfelge" (I hope
there are not too many spelling mistakes.).
In them are listed according to town name amounts of jews in each, the
heads of the community, chevre kadisha, teachers, taxes and more.

I looked at Kippenheim only.

In the volume >from 1911, I found:
as heads of the community and Leopold WEIL as head of chevre kadisha.

In 1913, Shalom WEIL was added as head, and Fritz WEIL took over chevre

The next volume was 1924/25. The heads were: Max AUERBACHER, Shalom
WEIL, Salomon AUERBACHER and Jacob DURLACHER. The head of the choir was

The last volume they had there was >from 1932/33
the heads were: Herman WERTHEIMER, Richard WERTHEIMER and Jakob
The head of chevre kadisha was Fritz WEIL, and the head of the choir was

I could not find the connection to my family even though I am 100% sure
that Jakob Durlacher is family, but I have no idea how he connects. I
hope this helps someone...

Merav Schejtman
Jerusalem Israel


DURLACHER-Kippenheim, Durlach Germany
LEVI- Hamburg Germany
MICHAELIS- Halle, Hamburg Germany
HERC(z)- Biala Wloszscowa Poland

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