SINGER, then FELDMANN, then GINSBERG #germany

Adam Yamey <adamandlopa@...>

In about 1842 my great great grandfather Nathan
GINSBERG (1814-1890) married a Mrs. FELDMANN, a widow
with two daughters. Her maiden name was SINGER. I do
not know her first name. Nathan and his wife had one
child, a son called Leo who was born in about 1844.
Nathan's wife died about 1846, a young lady.

I do not know where the couple met. Nathan had just
completed his doctorate at the University of Halle in
mid-1841, and may possibly have returned to his place
of birth Breslau - but I don't have any firm evidence
for this.

On the basis of this scanty information, can anyone
throw any more light on to the identity of widow
Feldmann, born Singer? What became of her daughters?

Adam Yamey, London, UK<>

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