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Judith Romney Wegner

I've just found out that one of my grand-aunts and her husband were cremated.
This took place sometime in the 1980s in the UK. Is this or was this a common
practice among some English Jews?

Gail Copeland
Thornhill (Toronto), ON Canada
When you ask: ".... or WAS this" a common practice you sound as though
"the 1980s" are ancient history! But 20 years doesn't even amount to a
blip on the computer screen of 3 millennia of Jewish history!

The practice of cremation is a fairly recent development in Anglo Jewry --
just as in American Jewry (pretty much post WW 2). This practice is
increasing among Reform and Liberal Jews -- the main branches of
Anglo-Jewry that permit it. However, the United Synagogue
(middle-of-the-road-orthodox) does not permit it, as it is contrary to the
Halakhah;-- and it's probable that most English Jews with any synagogue
affiliation at all are still nominally affiliated with the US. It's not
clear, though, how much longer this will hold true, since Anglo-Jewry
(like Israeli Jewry) is becoming increasingly polarized to the right and to
the left so more and more people are likely to abandon the United
Synagogue to join the ranks of one of several branches of "progressive"
Judaism that exist in Britain.

Judith Romney Wegner

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