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Seeking information about SIVAKs whose ancestors might have lived in
the Biala Podlaska area in the mid-1800s.

Also seeking information about the name.

a) Are there any SIVAKs out there who know they have relatives who spell
the name SEEVAK, SEBAG, SEEVOK, etc.?

b) Clearly, SIVAK can be a Polish name, but the name seems to be much more
common in Slovakia. I was wondering whether other Sivaks think their name
means "gray horse"; is a Slavic version of the Hebrew word "shevakh"
(praise); comes >from an Arabic word; or comes >from some other source.


The oldest entry in my version of the SIVAK family tree so far is Rev Chaim
ben Benjamin of Biela Podlaska, who must have been born sometime around the
1820s. Many of Chaim's children moved to the United States around the turn
of the century and became BELLS, but the others kept the name SIVAK.

There are other SIVAKS descended >from Chaim ben Benjamin in Argentina, and
there may be others left in Europe.

One major intersection: Joana (Nechama) RUBINSTEIN (born 1890s?), the
daughter of Rev Chaim RUBINSTEIN, a shochet in Biala, married into the

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