JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Searching: Mendel ELKIN(D) #general

Jonina Duker <jonina.duker@...>

I am looking for more information about Mendl Elkin ("Image Before My
Eyes" on page 227 describes him as one of the "Gang" of Yiddish writers in
Warsaw 1922, and page 241 lists him as a director of the Vilna Troupe in
Warsaw). I would like to know more about his life in terms of where he
was born, if and where he died, parents' names, and most importantly
whether he was the same person who was described as a rival to Ben Gurion
in the 30's (although that person's last name is elsewhere spelled
"Elkind" but tranlsiteration across languages isn't infallible of
course). That Mendel Elkind was also a writer, described as a social
revolutionary, left Palestine since it was communist enough, went (back)
to Russian and was murdered during one fo the purges. Thanks in advance
and L'Shalom.

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