Max Katten Books on Bamberg and Upper Franconia Jews #germany


David, at Sol2516171, informs me that the CD-Rom of digital-graphics copies
of the family trees of the Jews of the Bamberg area, prepared (but not
completed) by Rabbi Katten of Bamberg in 1930-39, is now available >from the
Central Archives of the History of the Jewish People in Jerusalem,
tel 02-563-5716 < >, for US $35, including postage.

I photographed this volume of trees for the Central Archives in April 2002.
The archives also own other volumes that Katten produced in his work.
Perhaps someone will arrange to digitally photograph some or all of the other
volumes for the archives (they are too fragile for scanning or photocopying).
Working in tandem with my son, Ilan, we were able to photograph this huge volume
(20+" x 15+") at the rate of some 40 pages an hour.

At some point it might be possible to form a group to put all the material
together and create a digitalized, searchable database covering the Jews from
the Bamberg area (and many beyond).>from the 16th to the 20th centuries.

Michael Bernet, New York

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