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On February 11th digest Judith Wolkovitch wrote:
I am trying to trace the ancestry of Asher ANSELL of Liverpool. He was a
shochet there in the early 1840's. Does anyone know of any books about the
Jews in Liverpool for that period? Were there any Jewish newspapers in
Liverpool at that time?

Please note that the inscriptions >from the Bristol 3 Jewish cemeteries
(not Liverpol though) were transcribed and posted in JewishGen Web Page:

Research for ANSELL in the database, produced the matzeva of ANSELL Henry
Emanuel who died on 05-03-1841. There is the picture
of the tombstone as well.
I just wanted to draw every Jewishgenner in U.K.
to this amazingly wonderful site and to thank all who contributed
to its realisation and JewishGen for posting the information.

Ada Holtzman

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