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diane goldman <dgoldman@...>

Sorry if I've misunderstood your note, but it looked like part of your
question was how to find Beregszas, Hungary. Have you tried looking in
Where Once We Walked (Mokotoff and Sack) or in the Family Finder? The
modern name is Beregovo, and the town is now in the TransCarpathian
Oblast of the (southwestern) Ukraine. Beregszasz (the former Hungarian
name) could refer to the town or to the area around it. Beregovo is
said to maintain the strongest Hungarian influence of any towns in the
surrounding region, and it is home to the oblast Historical Archives,
but getting information could be problematic (see MISHPACHA summer
1998--18(2), JGS of Greater Washington.)

. . . .After several years I still have not been able to verify the town
in Hungary that my DEUTSCH family came from. I believe it was

--Diane <>
Bethesda, Maryland USA

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