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I have a photo of my grandmother and her family which I believe was taken in
the Ukraine around 1902. I was wondering if anyone knows of a company or
private person who specializes in deciphering old photos? There is an object
on the floor that I cannot figure out at all. Also, everyone is dressed in
what appears to be, very fine clothing.....strange to me because I think the
family was very poor. I wonder if photography studios provided clothing for
their photo shoots? I would appreciate any feedback you may have. Thanks
very much.

Meryl Persky
Searching: DUNITZ (DUNETZ) Kovel, Russia, SALTZMAN Kovel, Russia, KETCHMAN
Ukraine, KELLNER Oustra-Polia, SUBMAN Oustra-Polia, HIRSCH (HIRSH) Grybow,
Galicia, LEDER (LEDERER) Ryglic, Galicia, GOLD Galicia,
SHEIER Galicia, SPERBER Galicia

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