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I did not see the original post on the topic of using Alma Mater to further
family history research, but I have found a lot of helpful information by
contacting the highschools and colleges of ancestors. If the person
attended long ago, there is sometimes a special librarian or archivist who
keeps old yearbooks and records. I have received xeroxes of yearbook
pictures >from highschools and colleges. I have even been sent old report
cards! The Harvard U alumni office verified whether someone graduated from
the school or attended for more than 6 weeks (OR claimed to have attended,
but didn't--which they claim is a frequent occurance!) Then, a call to the
Harvard librarian/archivist produced old yearbook material. When I was
researching a physician, I called the school he graduated >from in 1905 and
spoke to the school historian who sent me his individual and class photo,
the course list for the years he attended and his graduation program! I had
the same luck for a PhD candidate at U of Chicago in the 1920s. One
university would not give me any information unless I was an alum of the
school. So, I found a friend who was an alum to make the call for me.

In short, don't discount contacting highschools and colleges for some
interesting tidbits about your ancestors. I got great information from
doing so.


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