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Greg <GMEYER@...>

Hi all,

I am trying to identify people in a rather large group of black and
white photos that span the mid-1930's through the mid-1960's of
TAMC/TAMU Hillel members and some of the Jewish faculty. Please contact
me with your stories, anecodotes, anything you might remember about your
time in "Aggieland" or as our Rabbi now refers to it, "Jerusalem on the
Brazos!"(this is quite tongue in cheek of course). I am the Hillel
Archivist and a graduate student here at TAMU. I am trying to organize
and save the scrapbooks that Esther Taubenhaus kept of the Hillel's
early years by creating a Hillel history book and depositing originals
with the TAMU Archives. All contributions to this effort will be
acknowledged and greatly appreciated. This effort is not connected with
my Ph.D. work in molecular biology, this is what I do to relax and have
fun!! Have a great day,
Greg Meyer

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