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Dear Jewishgenners, I am looking for some information on the following:

I have Hyman BLOOM Born Aug 15 ,1871 Minsk, Russia (I don;t know if he was
really born in Minsk or somewhere near there. ) Died abt 1954 in
Metropolitan Jewish Old Age Home in Coney Island, NY. He was a member of
Minsker Old Men's Benevolent Assoc. The date of death may have been 1955.
I don't know where he is buried.

He came to the U.S. in 1891. At some time he changed his name >from OSHINSKY
to BLOOM. Not known if he changed it before of after arrivng in America.

There is a Marriage Certificate # illegible, for a HYMAN OSHINSKY, dated
3/20/1896. It could be him before he changed his name. ??? Is the Coney
Island Old age home still there and is the Minsker Assoc. still in
Any suggestions or information appreciated.

Mel Oshins

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