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Jenny Jackson <jenny@...>

I have looked forward to the day that I could join others in posting success
stories. After starting my research 2 years ago with no family tree beyond
my parents and their parents, I now have extensive information about all
branches of my family history. I have used the services of two researchers,
one in Romania and one in Poland who have been very successful in finding
family records. The latter took over a year, but finally struck a goldmine
of records and information for the shtetl of Kutno. I live in Melbourne,
Australia and have relied on the Internet for almost all of my research.

Other family members have been delighted with the discoveries too. Now we
know the names, dates and some information about my great-great-great
grandparents going back to the early 1800s. Through the process I have
developed relationships with overseas relatives whom I didn't know existed.
And I have also developed friendships with other researchers who have
provided me with invaluable help and advice. And now, whether they are ever
interested or not, my children will have a sense of all of the people that
contributed to their genes and their upbringing.

I still have one mystery to uncover - the fate of my uncle who was separated
from his brother (my father) in Auschwitz when my father was sent to factory
work. Maybe I'll never receive confirmation of his fate, but I will keep

Jenny Jackson
Melbourne, Australia

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