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Allan Shuchat wrote:
a person's place of origin is often a part of the record.... Is this
generally the actual birthplace of the individual or the most recent
residence before moving to the location where the record was made?
Herbert Lazerow replied:

Neither. This is the place to which the individual is officially
registered. It cost money to change your registration, so my KIMELMAN
family were still "townspeople of Vitebsk" in 1910, though they had
lived in Nezhin Ukraine since at least 1852, and the parents of many of
them had been born in Nezhin.
This is not necessarily the reason in all cases. My family lived on Jewish
agricultural colonies in the south-east Ukraine. They settled there in 1846
having come in the main >from Lithuania. Recently acquired Revision Lists
from 1858 show that listings of the families then living in the Ukrainian
colonies included a statement which proceeded most family groups lists
">from the community of Rassein" etc. This was recorded since the colonists
travelled in 1846 in convoys as a specific group denoted by town of and
accepted by the authorities as potential colonists. This information is
invaluable to assertain towns of origin instead of the common
generalizatiom ">from Kovno Guberniya".

Chaim Freedman
Petah Tikvah, Israel

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