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Warren Blatt <wblatt@...>

Sheri Prager <> wrote:

Is there a list somewhere (preferably online) that gives the volume
numbers and years that are found on the passenger list index cards?
Yes there is. See the JewishGen FAQ ("Frequently Asked Questions")
document at <>.

Go to the section on Passenger Lists, and see the National Archives
Publication "Immigrant and Passenger Arrivals: A Select Catalog of
National Archives Microfilm Publications", a 192-page catalog,
available for $3.50 >from the National Archives.

The catalog is also available on line. Click on the on-line link
in the FAQ, and >from there, click on the port and time period of
your interest. That will lead you to a complete list of microfilm
reels, and the dates and volume numbers covered by each reel number.


Warren Blatt
Boston, MA

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