Soldier in 1870 Franco-Prussian War: GINSBERG #germany

Adam Yamey <adamandlopa@...>

Leo GINSBERG (abt. 1845 - 1895), son of my matrilineal gt gt grandfather
Nathan GINSBERG (1814-1890) and his first wife, the widow FELDMANN (born SINGER),
was born in Breslau or Beuthen. He fought in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870,
presumably on the Prussian side. Later he married Louise HOEXTER(1850-1906).

QUESTION: How can I go about finding out more about Leo's military career?

[A curious aside: while Leo GINSBERG was fighting
against France, another of my distant maternal
relatives Frederic REITLINGER, whose mother Sarah
(born WIMPFHEIMER) was born in Ichenhausen (Bavaria)
was involved in an escape >from the Siege of Paris in
order to try to broker a peace settlement.] Thanks!

Adam Yamey, London, UK<>

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