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A. E. Jordan

Regarding your marriage liscense questions for New York City. There are
two different places in New York City that you can get the exact same

I sent away to the office on Center Street and it took about two months
and they charged more. I had to send away because the marriage was from
1944 and the records are only open to the public up to 1937 for marriages.
If you send to Center Street yes you have to send a money order. There was
a phone number and you could talk to a person but she was not very helpful.
This is the City Clerk's Office and they are located at 1 Center Street,
Room 252 New York, NY 10007. Phone is 212-669-8898. The fee is $15 for
the search and certificate plus $1 for each additional year you ask them
to search. So if you need them to search three years you send $17. The
great thing is that they are so honest that they returned $2 to me because
they only had to search one year when I sent for it. The bad thing is they
charge you even if they do not find the certificate. The information they
wanted was the names plus any other information you could give such as
parents names or ages or whatever so that they were sure they had the right

If you have a friend with some patience send them to the NYC Department of
Records - Municipal Archives at 31 Chambers Street, Room 103, New York, NY
10007. Phone is 212-788-8580. For marriages up to 1937 they will let you
do your own searching on the microfilm. It is a two stage process because
you have to check the index by borough and when you find the possible
canidates you write down the certificate numbers and then you search out
each certificate also on the microfilm. When you find the one you want you
hand it in and they print it for you. The feee is $5 to use the microfilm
machine for any part or the entire day plus $5 for each certificate you
print. Not sure but I think they might also do it by mail -- but you would
have to call and ask.

Hope this helps everyone.

Allan Jordan

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