JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Passenger lists #general

Carole/Phil Silverman

Hello Don,

This may be of little help, but I also could not find a passenger list on
the microfilm that it was suppose to be on. You might try the microfilm
before and after the one you searched. Sometimes the dates are not exactly
correct. Using this technique unfortunately did not help me find the
passenger list. Good luck.

Phil Silverman
Culver City, CA USA

Don Einbinder wrote:

I received my grandfather's naturalization papers which showed that he
came to the US on the ship Potsdam >from Rotterdam on August 25, 1903. I
then made my first trip to our local FHC and with some help was able to
find a film number for that ship's passenger list. A couple of weeks
later I received a call saying that the film had come in. Because I've
been trying to find the shtetl he came from, I excitedly went to the FHC
today and went through the entire film only to find no mention at all of
that ship.

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