JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen What is the etiology of the surname "Dann" #general

Bill Sher

My mother's maiden name was "Dann" I am wondering what its etiology
may have been. I have found virtually no Jews with that name, either in
the U.S. or appearing in any of the Galician records I have searched.

I did find, however, what may have been one of my grandfather's
relatives. Among the business records in Yavorov, Poland in the 1920s,
I found a listing for the name "A Dann." After the name was a
designation of the kind of business -- there appeared the word "obuwie"
in Polish. Can anyone confirm whether this indicates the business was a
retail shoe store? Or does it mean something else?

William Sher
Silver Spring, Maryland

Also searching for SHER/SCHER >from Galicia, perhaps in the vicinity of
Kolomyya (now Ukraine); and in Philadelphia, PA.

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