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Many thanks to all who responded to my query regarding the illegible
Passenger Index card for my grandmother SOPHIE GRUNBERG.
Almost everyone recommended visiting the Cimorelli site at
This is a wonderful site enabling the user to input queries about ship
arrivals based upon various parameters: date of arrival, name of ship,
port of embarkcation, port of arrival, etc.
Using it, I was able to bring up a list of ships with "and" in their
names, and I was able to futher refine the search. As of now, the most
likely candidates was the "Noordland," or the "Vaderland," both ships
of the Red Star Line, which was owned by the financier JP Morgan and his
International Marine Mercantile.

The other excellent suggestion I received was to request NARA to do a
search - my last resort if all else fails.

Thank you again to all who responded.

Jane Wechsler-Holeywell

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