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I am searching for information on the SPIEGEL family. My great grandmother
was Rose (Rosa) SPIEGEL born in 1871, possibly in Warsaw. She emigrated in
1884 with her parents Schuber Spiegel and Bessi Chaja PLOCKER Spiegel. I
know Rose had at least two brothers one names Abe, the other Sam but I am
not sure where they were born... I suspect they were younger than Rose but
do not think they were born in the US.

One of Rose's brothers was killed by a trolley in NY. The other had a
daughter who was called Beatie (presumably Beatrice). I know that both Sam
and Abe lived in Brooklyn, although at some point I suspect they lived near
Delancey Street or Ludlow Street. I have vague memories of Beatie Spiegel
from the 1960's but lost track of her.
Please contact me if any of these names are familiar.

Thank you.


Ellen Graham

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