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I'd like to share a success story. I was at the Mormon FHC Library today.
I looked at a soundex index film of Alien Arrivals at Canadian Border
Crossings to the District of Detroit, Michigan--there are 100s reels of film.
It is NARA publication M1478. On the film, I found an ID card for Canada to
Detroit Border crossing for my deceased father. His card, for 1930, just
happened to have his photo. It is probably the only photo of my father as a
young man!

The card also contains an exceptional amount of information. His date and
place of birth, current address (in 1930), immigration date and name of ship,
place of employment, relative's data. AND included a notation that my father
the "alien" had a father who was a naturalized citizen giving the date,
petition number and more for my grandfather! Until today, I didn't have any
copy of document or record--nor date for one--for my father or grandparents
and not because I wasn't looking long and hard.

Please note the film I looked at was not of passengers on a boat. It was of
aliens traveling across a border >from a foreign country (maybe a day trip)

I found it by going into Canada Location-Immigration & Naturalization;
Record #135 Detroit Arrivals 1906-1954, here's a film #1490484 in the series;
Record#136 St.Alban's Arrivals, a film #1472932 in this series; Record #137
St. Alban's Arrivals with film #1570759.

According to the records' descriptions, I took it to mean the series contains
arrivals >from the other border crossing locations too--such as Montana, New
York and, etc. Mentioned also were passenger train crossings by immigrants.

If you try the series of films, I wish you all the good luck I have had with
Linda Cohen

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