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MarkGrekin <markgrekin@...>

1. Parmusy/Koncesyi: Sam writes: "All of the "Parmuses" [sic] have been
taken away >from the Jews in town, but I, thank God, since I have a
Koncesyi, have a parmusy for the trucks." (he owned a business shipping
locally-raised meat to Vienna, presumably in these trucks.)
Daniel Mendelsohn
New York, NY

Shalom Daniel,

Sam was using Yiddish word "parnussy" or "parnusy" meaning his profit (his
earnings). Many Jews in his area who owned their private businesses lost the
ability to make a profit.
But because Sam's concession "Koncesyi" (agreement with local authorities or
government to operate a certain type of business for a certain time period) was
not taken away, he has his profit >from tracks.
Mark Grekin

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