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Ricki L. Zunk <rickiz@...>

I have finally learned of the birthplace of my father's mother. She was
Basja FRIEDMAN, and she was born in Pyetrykau which is now in Belarus.

She arrived in the Port of NYC on October 28, 1912, aboard the SS Czar,
alone. And went to live with "landtsmen" in Brooklyn, NY.

She left her parents, and one brother (that we know of) behind in
Pyetrykau. Her parents were: Aaron FRIEDMAN (a riverboat captain) and
Faga SCHNIEDERMAN. Her brother was David FRIEDMAN. Since my pgm could
not read or write, she had no contact with her family in Pyetrykau. She
also kept nothing of an informative nature about her past, except for a
photograph of her mother and father.

My father has always hoped that perhaps someone >from the family in
Russia may have survived and lived to have descendants. Unfortunately,
with FRIEDMAN being such a common name, I have not been able to get any
leads at all on what may have happened to the family.

Is there anyone reading this post who knows of anyone >from the town of
Pyetrykau or anything about the town (I already know where it is located
-- I need more information)?

I hope someone can help me with this one.

(Mrs.) Ricki Randall Zunk
Kendall (Miami), FL

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