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Part of my employment involves extracting data >from county tax rolls for
the real estate industry. I hadn't thought of this data as useful to
genealogists until I read the following post, and pointed a second person
in this news group to the Broward County site.

As a sideline to my job, I actively search out Property Tax Roll sites on
the net. I have made a list of over 50 sites, cover over 100 counties,
including ALL of Maryland and New York, as well as links to several
descriptions of the legal language in deeds.

Please feel free to stop by at .

I update the list every 2 - 3 weeks, so stop by >from time to time.

I hope this helps you find that relative that isn't in the phone book.


IsraelP wrote:

A few weeks back, I asked for help determining if a "whowhere"
listing that had only a first initial was the person I thought it might
be. Several people took the specifics but came back empty.

Now comes Jan Weinmann who suggested I try the Broward
County property tax database at
In about ten seconds the information came up with names of both
man and wife (the wife's name had also been a matter of some
speculation), together with more financial information than I felt
comfortable knowing. (At least I know that if he doesn't answer,
it's not because he can't afford the postage.)

All that remained was to confirm that the complex named in the
database matched the "whowhere" street address - which
Bernard Kouchel did for me.

So thanx to Jan and to everyone else who offered to help out.

Israel Pickholtz

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