JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: No birth record #general

Carol Raspler

Dear Folks: While researching turn-of-the 20th-Centry birth Certificates
in the Phila. City Archives - and being unsuccessful - I noticed many,
many microfilms on Doctor and Midwife deliveries. Very, very few births
took place in hospitals then and obviously, mid-wives weren't going to
schlepp to City Hall to register every single birth each time. They waited
until they had a few to register and then made the trip. It seems only
logical that something similar took place in the UK at that time. Good
Hunting (for that is what this all is!), Carol Raspler, Delray Beach, FL

David Fielker wrote:

It is an irritating problem that around the turn of the century some UK
birth records are missing. Immigrants were scared of authority; they were
perhaps used to hiding birth records in the old country to avoid military
service; they were just plain ignorant of the procedures. Maybe they
registered many years later when they needed a certificate for another

The difference with birth records is that the onus of registration was on
the parents. Marriages would be registered by the synagogue or the registry
office, and deaths by a doctor.

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