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Erik Hirschfeld <e.hirschfeld@...>

Merav Shejtman wrote:
Some people seem to regard this as an on line 24 hour help with all kinds
of non relevant questions.
Some of these questions and answers will never ever help anyone with their
family search or with tracking lost relatives (like the cheese debate for
one). > Others ask questions, instead of opening up a regular
encyclopedia or an > enc.. Judaica. (who was Ahad Ha'am or Montefiore).
I know that not everyone is up on their Jewish or zionist history, but
come on! Why bother everyone with questions that are easily answered by
other means.
I can't understand why (some) readers of this newsgroup are bothered by -
in their opinion - trivial questions. Not all of us are fortunate to live
in Israel or the US where jewish resources and LDS centres are abundant.
Nor are we all retired with plenty of time on our hands to travel to
distant libraries and cemeteries. So what is wrong with trying to become
more knowledgable by asking persons who know more? Especially as we do
not address questions to certain individuals, but to the newsgroup instead
where it is voluntary to reply! Or should we build a wall between beginners
and pros? I don't think that would be very fruitful for our day
you might find the piece that has been missing >from your genealogy puzzle
for so long by answering a trivial question >from a beginner.

Good luck in your search!

Erik Hirschfeld, Malmo, Sweden

Researching: BLOCK (Raciborz), BOSS (Zuelz, Breslau), DAUW, DEICHES,
OLSHANER, RIESENFELD. Looking for relatives of: female EHRLICH b. c. 1900,
Breslau and BETTY ASCHLAWSKY, housekeeper Breslau.

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