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Scott Noar <sman@...>

I do not want to start a big debate but, I must disagree with the letter
complaining about questions asked of this group. I find that learning the
genealogy is not just about names and dates and places. It is about life
and culture. It is about the customs that people bring with them from
where they came.
I have learned many things >from the letters to this group and benefited by
questions that I have not yet thought to ask. If anything, I have been a
little disappointed to not be able to see all the answers to the questions
asked because most seem to be answered privately rather than to the group.
Also, I don't think there is anything wrong with utilizing the collective
knowledge of hundreds of people researching essentially the same subject.
Published sources are helpful but, so is the dynamic, ever growing body of
knowledge that this group represents.

Scott Noar

M Schejtman wrote:

Some people seem to regard this as an on line 24 hour help with all
kinds of non relevant questions. Some of these questions and answers
will never ever help anyone with their family search or with tracking
lost relatives (like the cheese debate for one). Others ask questions,
instead of opening up a regular encyclopedia or an enc.. Judaica. (who
was Ahad Ha'am or Montefiore).

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