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My late grandfather, in a memoir, described his 1897 trip >from Russia
(Vitebsk) to Hamburg and his arrival in a "small town" in Germany,
apparently at the then-existing border, where immigrants were given
sanitary baths and their clothes were cleaned. The town was spelled
in Yiddish in the memoir as Tes-Yud-Fay-Vov-Yud-Samekh. I've been
trying to locate the town, which would probably have been at what was
then the Prussian/Russian border. The Shtetl-Seeker produced a few
possibilities, but I can't readily compare this Yiddish
transliteration of an 1897 name of a German town with the current
name of a town probably now east of the present German border in what
is now part of Poland. Any guesses?

Larry Freund
Port Washington, NY

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