STRAUSSLER from Wiener Neustadt #austria-czech

Fritz Neubauer

Suzanne wrote:

I have after four years of research got very little information on my
Paternal Grandfather's family. Weiner Neustadt seems to have gone
into oblivion. I know that a lot of the Jewish records were bombed
when the school was bombed. However, with the exception of the sad
news that my Great Aunt Josefine was in a labour camp in Riga
I can find no records whatsoever. I know that my family was several
generations in Weiner Neustadt.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Streusler - Weiner Neustadt


My comment:

Dear Suzanne,

the Memorial Book for the Deportees to the Baltic States comfirms the
information you have by the listing for

born 08 Aug 1892
last address: Liechtensteinstr. 103 in the 9th district of Vienna
deported >from Vienna to Riga on 26 Jan 1942 (of the 1201 people on
this transport only 36 are documented to have survived according
to the statistics in the volume)

Two additional points:
1) Note the spelling of the name: STRAUSSLER, perhaps that is one of the
reasons why you cannot find other records?
2) Note the spelling of the place name: Wiener Neustadt.

I hope that helps

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

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