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Stephen Buetow <s.buetow@...>

I am writing this note in New Zealand.

I am trying to find a photograph of Rabbi Nachum Kaplan (Nachum ben
Moshe Aharon Maggid) >from the city of Lida. He died on 19 Adar
1916. He was, I think, Maggid of Jerusalem and buried on the Mount
of Olives. Ideally, the photograph would include his wife, Reiza,
who was the half-sister of the Choftetz Chaim. These are relatives
of mine, and I am seeking the photograph to complete a montage.

I am unsure where to begin looking. Such a photo is not contained in
the ArtScroll biography of the Chofetz Chaim.

I recall reading that there is an archive in New York that houses
thousands of historical photographs of Jewish men and women. It may
be in there, but you have to visit it in person - which is rather
difficult for me to do >from 12,000 miles away. So, I know this is a
long shot but if one of you, in New York, was planning a trip to this
archive for your own research ... perhaps you could check on my
request at the same time. I would be extremely grateful.

In anticipation
Stephen Buetow.

Dr. Stephen Buetow
Auckland, New Zealand

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