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Dear fellow jewishgenners,
As a longtime reader & poster on this listserve,
I want to gently remind you that there are a large
quantity of info files on this website. There are a
number of people out there who are posting
questions which have already been answered
in the archives or the infofiles. It would be a
good idea for the beginners out there to take
some time and copy/read the many infofiles
that exist.
With regard to the "searching for xx" posts,
it is a good idea to first work on the existing
JGFF research contacts, before doing your
"searching for xx" post. Not all the JGFF people
have e-mail, so you will need to make photocopies
and sending your letters to these people. I encourage
everyone to add/update their surname submissions to
the JGFF.
Lastly, when contacting people by e-mail, it is a very
good idea to add your name, e-mail address, and
city/state at the end of the letter. Whats the big deal?
You geographic location can sometimes assist in
improving the relevancy of the reply.

James H. Gross Cherry Hill,N.J.
Saidel, Steinberg, Shulman, Bloch, Friedman from
Panevezys, Krekenova, Vabalninkas, Lith. SA: Chaitowitz.
Sofransky, Lewite, Gross, Grajewski >from Ozery,(Byel.) Poland

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