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To facilitate a document search, I am trying to
determine the probable dates of several crucial
events in my family history.

According to my mother, her parents both died in
the "Spanish" influenza epidemic which raged in
Europe and America in 1918-1919. My grandmother,
Rivke FALLEK Reifer, died first (after March 1918).
My grandfather, Avraham Yakov REIFER, remarried
soon after. His new wife, Regina NUSSBAUM Reifer,
was about three months pregnant he too died.

As of March 1918, my grandparents lived in Kliszow,
near Mielec, in western Galicia (soon to become Poland).

To fine-tune this chronology, I'd like to pose
these questions:

* When did the Spanish influenza epidemic reach this
part of Europe?

* When did it peak there?

* Would it have been considered "proper" for my
grandfather, an orthodox Jew, to remarry after the
30-day mourning period for his wife, or would
Halakhah or custom have dictated a longer wait?

I am hoping that this information will help me
narrow the likely birth date of Regina's baby,
who was named Avraham Yakov Reifer for his father.
My mother and her siblings--six orphans aged 5 to 12
--were sent to live with various relatives in the US,
Poland, and Romania, and never knew this half-brother.
Regina and her son--who is supposed to have had
an exceptional singing voice--reportedly made aliyah
to Palestine in the 1930's. We have never been
able to learn more about them.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills (Long Island), NY

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