Re: Help with a German expression - Levi Bruder #germany

Justin Levy <levyduffy@...>

Hello Folks,
Thank you for the responses. We all agree that Levin PINCUS was David LEVY's
brother-in-law; certainly not his brother.
Someone has made the intriguing suggestion that 'Levi Bruder' is an indication of
a levirate marriage, i.e. Levin PINCUS married his brother's childless widow.

Levin's wife, Hanna (nee MATTHIS), does appear to have been unable to have
children. The childless pair were nearly 60 years old when they applied to adopt
the young Matthias.

The only other explanation that I can think of is that 'Levi Bruder' meant 'fellow
Levi', i.e. Levin was stating that he too was a Levite. Anymore ideas?

Justin Levy (Dublin, Ireland) <levyduffy@...>

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