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Barbara Murrant

Yes, you can get this info >from the 1901 census for ?40. It was the best
?40 I have ever spent as I had found a g grandfather's birth in an
unexpected place and the 1901 census convinced me that he was actually born
there. You do have to give an exact address, and also certify that you are
a direct descendent ie child/grandchild/great grandchild of a named person
at that address. They will only give details of the people that you name
in the household.

Barbara Murrant
Hertfordshire, England

From: Nick Landau []
Subject: Re: 1901 Census in England

I was distinctly under the impression that there was a blanket 100-year ban
on the release of UK Census data.
You would have to be positive about an address to obtain the information at
the Family Records Centre anyway as that is the only way that it is
If this is the case, why does not everyone do it that way?
If you are right, I am very surprised. I speak as both a former Census
enumerator and a former Census data analyst.
Nick Landau

In article <01BE69B2.B7882280.Jane@Henio.Muc.De>,
Jane@Henio.Muc.De (Jane Lachs) wrote:

If you are stuck and are waiting for the 1901 census in 2002 you can get
specific details at a cost.
If you are positive about an address you can apply to the Family Record
Centre at Middleton House, London Tel Nr. 0181 392 5300. You get a
message telling you to push a certain number: You want Nr. 4.
They will send you a form to complete which you return with ?40 pounds
[approx $65 dollars].
They will then send you the information for that address.
Regards >from Jane Lachs in Munich Jane@Henio.Muc.De

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