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Judith Romney Wegner

Subject: Re: Jewish Historical Atlas by Martin Gilbert
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1999 00:53:53 EST
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In a message dated 99-03-08 22:31:50 EST, writes:

<< An online bookseller only publishes information on a 1993 book. Is this
what is being referred to or is there a newer book available. >>

==The original was, I believe, published in the 1960s or '70s, so this would
indeed be a quite recent update. There may be an even newer one but I
wouldn't bet on it--I doubt the 1993 volume would be substantially outdated
Yes, it has been updated quite recently, but I do not have the new version.
Ask any bookstore to get it for you. I have found it a very useful tool,
its maps are frequently used in undergraduate Judaic Studies courses.

Judith Romney Wegner

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