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Phyllis Durra <meldrum@...>

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Dear Gersiggers,

I have " discovered " the following REUTLINGER info.
Perhaps there may be linkages with your REUTLINGER Family.

Philip W. REUTLINGER married Anna BAUMAN.
[ Son: Charles REUTLINGER b 1887 ]

Conrad REUTLINGER b Baden married Catheran PETERSOHN b 1848 Prussia.
[ Son: Charles Henry REUTLINGER b July, 1871 Brooklyn
d December, 1911 Woburn, Middlesex, MA ( train accident )
married ( May, 1892 ) Effie Estelle MOTT.
Daughters: Minnie and Kate REUTLINGER ]

Adolph and Sophie REUTLINGER >from Prussia.
[ Children: Rudolph, Albert and Rose REUTLINGER ]

Jacob REUTHLINGER married Katharina LAMMERER
[ Daughter: Sophie Friedike Katherina REUTHLINGER b 1868 ]

Otto REUTLINGER married Elisabethe Catharina SCHOTT.

Sophie REUTLINGER married ( May, 1884 St. Louis MO ) Nicklaus SCHWEGLER.

I continue to research any linkages with my REUTLINGERs. Warmest Wishes.

Ernie Durra. Cape Town. South Africa. Email:

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