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Plutsk <> wrote
It's St. Patrick's Day, and I find myself wondering about the apparent
absence of American Jews of Irish ancestry. I know there was or is a
sizeable Irish Jewish population, that a Mayor of Dublin was a Jew, and
so on; yet I've never heard of Irish Jews coming to the U.S. during the
Great Famine, or at any later date. Were things always so good for Jews
in Ireland that there was no impetus for a mass migration? Anyone who
knows, please share some information! > Thanks.

There has never been a sizeable Jewish community in Ireland. There were
very few before the late 19th century so that they would not have been
caught up in the Great Famine in any numbers. The first figures for the
whole of Ireland are in the 1861 Census: there were 393 people; in 1881
there were 472, and in 1901 3,769.

Harold Pollins

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