Family ABRAHAM from Essen #germany


I amLooking for descendants of the ABRAHAM family that originated in
Altenkirchen, Westerwald and lived in Essen. Max ABRAHAM and his brother Sally
were the sons of Daniel ABRAHAM 1827-1898 and Henriette nee HIRSCH 1839-1901.

Max ABRAHAM married to Eva nee BAEHR 1876-KZ. They had three daughters who
emigrated to Israel. Hildegard KATZ b. 1906 living in Herzlia, Paula
HARTMANN b.1908 living in Haifa and Ruth LANDSMANN b. 1910 living in Tiberias.

Sally ABRAHAM 1874-1919 married to Maria nee KOENIGSBERGER 1868-KZ. They
had two children who lived in Holland. Kurt ABRAHAM b. 1909 married to Ruth nee
NUSSBAUM. Their sons Fred ABRAHAM and Paul ABRAHAM perhaps still living in
Holland. Erna ABRAHAM also living in Holland.

Ted Tobias, Englewood, NJ <>

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