Who, where and when did Hanne and Rehle GLASS marry? #germany

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I am researching the GLASS family >from Schrimm, Posen, Prussia, later
Berlin. Parents: David and Male GLASS (born Braunspahn) had five children
born in Schrimm. Samuel died aged 2, his twin brother Salisch is accounted
for and the youngest child Leibusch became Louis when the family moved to
Berlin. Louis married Marie LOHDE and died in Berlin in 1924, apparently
childless. Two sisters Hanne (b.Schrimm 1840) and Rehle (b.Schrimm 1843)
would appear to be my only chance of finding more about the family. At this
stage I can't find a record of David's death. He is not buried at the Jewish
cemeteries in Berlin. Hanne and Rehle were possibly married in Berlin. Hanne
GLASS and Rehle GLASS married ????? c.1860 and c.1863 ??? Does anyone know
please? (David's wife could have become Amalie in Berlin). David probably
had the name Samuel as well.

If you have one or both of these sisters on your research list, please
contact me. If you know anything about Louis and Marie (born LOHDE) GLASS,
please contact me. If you know anything about David and Male (or Amalie)
GLASS (born Braunspahn), please contact me.

Bettina Glass, far north Queensland, Australia bettinaglass@qldnet.com.au

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