1831 Petition for Civil Rights (Help with signatures please) #germany

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I would greatly appreciate some help reading the Hebrew/Yiddish
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In July 1830 there had been another revolution in France; this led to the creation
of the Kingdom of Belgium. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a member of the German
Federation, had been forced to relinquish its larger western territory - a
European war was looming. The German parliament instructed the city-republic of
Luebeck to put 407 men on alert for a possible campaign in Belgium. The Jewish
families of Moisling were also ordered to make their 23 to 25 year-old sons
available for service. The entire community was outraged and demanded that they be
granted full civil rights. Led by their rabbi, the heads of all 77 Jewish families
signed an unusually strongly-worded petition on 5 April 1831. Part of the text
reads as follows:

'They [the Jews of Moisling and Luebeck] are not able to purchase land, they are
not allowed to conduct business anywhere in this city, their sons are wholely
excluded >from learning a useful trade. In spite of this, their sons should now
take up arms for the Fatherland, which under such circumstances they in fact
do not have. They should endanger their health and life without the prospect of a
better future. Far >from wanting to escape military service, they declare - their
sons declare - that they will gladly and willingly join the local cohorts, if they
are granted a Fatherland for which they should fight, and if they are accepted
into society.'

My ggggf, Ruben Levy, signed as no. 47. Many thanks in advance.

Justin Levy (Dublin, Ireland) <levyduffy@...>

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