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Joseph Fibel <JFibel@...>


I was surprised at the response to my mention of the Names List for Posen.
It certainly puts the kibosh to the feeling of many who have family roots in
the German speaking area and who have been doing such research for many
years that we don't need name lists similar to those in the Eastern European
Sigs because all of the information is so well known to all researchers.

For all of those who want copies of the list, I suggest that you go to
Avotaynu and get a copy of Ed Luft's book. It is in a format that makes
looking up names much easier than the actual list because he has
alphabetized all the names and my list arranges the names within each Kreis
(roughly equivalent to a county) and only then alphabetically then in the
Corporation (community) I guess these are roughly equivalent to an
incorporated area in the U S. This makes it difficult to find names because
you have to look through each Kreis and community until you find the names.

I'll be glad to look up your names but I can't make and mail copies of the list.
Either get Ed Luft's book or wait for James Bauer to do his good thing. Thanks

Joe Fibel New Rochelle, NY <JFibel@msn.com>

MODERATOR NOTE: James Bauer accepted the job of director of the GerSIG
Name Adoption List Indexing Project (NALDEX). Mr. Bauer is working with the
programing experts at JewishGen to design a format for the data collected by the
project volunteers.
The goal of the project is to create a database which will be searchable on line.
Once the format design questions are resolved I believe that Mr. Bauer will post
a call for volunteers and a description of what their job will be. The GerSIG
Research Fund will cover expenses required for the creation of the JewishGen
NALDEX Database. MOD1

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