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I recall someone searching for information on the Knights of Pythias. My Dad
belonged to the Queens, NY chapter which meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of
each month at CastleHall Temple Beth Shalom, Northern Blvd. & 172 Street,
Flushing, NY. (and we still get the newsletter after 15 years!) They have a
cemetary committee and a bunch of committees. The editor of the newsletter is
Steve Zornberg, :

For cemetary information, my grandfather, Fred Gelberg, who was of Roumanian
ancestry belonged to the Samuel Tichner society, and is buried in their site
at Mt. Carmel cemetary. I see the American Jewish Historical Society has a
1926 booklet >from the Landsmanschaft dinner which lists 75 officers and
members. I hope to get a look at it when I have time to get over there, which
may not be for several weeks. If there are names you wish me to look for
please email me privately.

Finally, Grandpa Fred Gelberg, born 1899, Eldridge Street, Lower East Side of
NYC, was a member of the Whittier Club. A social/athletic club of young
Jewish men that, I think, may have been tied in with the Y but I am not sure.
I have a picture of a group of them; there are no names other than my gf that
I can identify. write me if you wish to explore this information.

Linda Rakoff, Newton, MA

Searching: ASCHNER- Hradiste,Bresova,Kaschau(Kosice. SK now),SpisskaNovy
Ves (aka Iglo, Yglo),Wien;BAUER,Hedwig-Wien,BUCHWALD-Wien,Budapest,
-Kosice, Spisska Novy Ves,Bolyar, POLATSECK-Kosice KOOPER,LISSAUER-Losonc,
Miskolz KOHN,STINGL: Wien, Bratislava RAKOFF-Kelce, Russia GORDON-Vilna

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