Seeking BAER, DEMETER, EBSTEIN and others #germany

Anne Webber <annewebber@...>

Dear Fellow Gersiggers
We (the Commission for Looted Art in Europe) have been asked by libraries
in Germany, which have identified confiscated or forcibly acquried books in
their collections >from German Jewish families, to assist in tracing the
rightful owners or their heirs so that the books can be returned to the

I am listing below a recent set of names provided to us, with details of
pre-war addresses and some post-war ones. . If you can help with further
information, or if you are one of these families, please contact me so we
can enable the restitutions to take place. Kind regards

Anne Webber (Commission for Looted Art in Europe
76 Gloucester Place
London W1U 6HJ
T: +44 (0)20 7487 3401
F: +44 (0)20 7487 4211

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BAER: Physician Dr. Carl Ernst BAER and his wife Grete nee RHEINWALD (from
Oberlenningen), of Kreis M=FCnsingen, B=F6hringen, Wuerttemberg, and later
(1963) of York Street, Eltham, Victoria, Australia.
BL=DCHDORN: Prof. Dr. BL=DCHDORN of Wiesenstr. 5, Hannover.
EBSTEIN: H. EBSTEIN of Stuttgart.
ENGLAENDER: Justian ENGL=C4NDER, a manufacturer of Lindensp=FCrstr. 20,
GOTTSCHALK: Fritz (Federico) GOTTSCHALK a merchant of Hannover, and later
(1955) of Calle Colon Nr.60, La Paz, Bolivia.
GOTTSCHALK: Rudolf GOTTSCHALK of Richard-Wagner-Str, Hannover.
HEILBRUNN: Willi HEILBRUNN of Johannisstr. 67/68, Osnabr=FCck. In 1982,
his daughter Ruth FOSTER n=E9e Heilbrunn was living in Winchmore Hill Road,
London N21.
HEPPNER: Heinz David HEPPNER a manager >from Breslau, formerly of Lissa, and
later (1950) of Largefield Ave, Kenton, Middlesex, England.
H=DCLSEN: Wilhelm H=DCLSEN of Berlin.
KAHN: Otto KAHN and his wife Nana n=E9e STERN of Via del Teatro Valle 7, Rome.
>from 1920 to 1934 Otto Kahn was a correspondent for the 'Frankfurter Zeitung'.
KATZ: Dr. Otto KATZ, a medical consultant of Berlin.
KLEIN: Lawyer Dr. Siegfried KLEIN and his wife Martha n=E9e NEUMANN of
Bodenbach, on the River Elbe (now Podmoky, Czech Republic) and later (1948)
of Quito, Ecuador. In 1960, Martha Klein was living in Kibbutz Neot
Mordechai, Israel.
KNALLEBEN: Arthur KNALLEBEN of Magdeburg.
LEVI: Rudolf LEVI of Calwerstr. 25 and Gartenstr. 15, Stuttgart.
LICHT: Baruch LICHT and Trude LICHT of Leipzig.
MAHLER: Anna Maria MAHLER of Karlsruhe.
MAYER: Martin Moritz MAYER of M=FCllenhoffstr, 12, Berlin SW 29 and later
(1951) of Bridgeport, Connecticut.
PINKUS: Heinz PINKUS a merchant and his wife, Margarete Pinkus nee Wolff of
Babelsberger Str. 51a, Berlin-Wilmersdorf, and later (1959) of Casilia
4194, Santiago de Chile.
POLLAK: Ludwig POLLAK of Rome, Italy. Possibly >from Prague, Czechoslovakia
and married to Margherita nee SCHLOSSER. Possibly the parents of Volfango
POLLAK born 1 December 1902 in Prague and Susanna POLLAK born 9 December
1910 in Rome, Italy.
REICH: Betty REICH of Breslau.
ROSENTHAL: Susanne ROSENTHAL of Friedrich-Hebbel-Str. 8, Breslau and later
(1965) of Fort Washington Ave, New York and, in 1966, of West 162nd Street, NYC
SALOMONSON: Rosette Salomonson n=E9e FRANK and her sister, Julia nee Frank
both of Nordhorn. Rosette Salomonson perished in Auschwitz in 1942. In
1954 Julia n=E9e Frank was living at 3927 North 25th Street, Milwaukee,
SANDER: Physician Dr. SANDER of K=F6nigstr., Stuttgart who died in Stuttgart
in 1937.
STEINTHAL: Prof. Dr. STEINTHAL and Jeanette Steinthal of Berlin.
STRIEMER: Karl STRIEMER and his wife Edith nee MESERITZ and their
daughters, Eva HIRSCHBERG nee Striemer and Elise HARPER nee Striemer all of
S=E4chsische Str.8, Berlin (and formerly of Breslau). In 1951 Karl and Edith
Striemer were living in Rua Grajau, Sao Paolo, Brazil. By 1958 Eva
Hirschberg was also living at this address. In 1958 Elise Harper was
living at 227 Central Park West, New York.
TUCH: Dr. Hans TUCH of Breslau (formerly of Posen until 1918). In 1950 Dr. Tuch
was a Regional Officer for the JRSO in Berlin and had as his residential
address Ashford Court, Cricklewood, London NW2.

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