INTRO--researching PHILIPP family from Prussia #germany


I have just found this SIG--and I am hoping more for hints about how to find
the information I need than expecting to find it all at once.

I am a novice at genealogy, intermediate at the computer. I currently live
in the US, in Virginia. I am not Jewish but one of my great grandfathers was.
I have very little information on this family and even less knowledge about how
to go about finding more.

My great grandfather was Louis Edward PHILIPP. His father was Herman
PHILIPP, his mother Amelia. I don't know her maiden name. They left Prussia in
1871, stayed in London where my great grandfather was born in 1872. They then
emigrated to the United States by 1873. By 1890 Herman was deceased and his widow
and son were living in Detroit, Michigan. There were two others there also
who might be children (or other relatives) of Herman and Amelia, Max and
Caesar. It's even more confusing to me because his name appears French but
the one census record I have indicates Prussia as the country of origin.

Louis married out of the Jewish community and it seems there was little
contact with his side of the family after that. I only know that this family was
Jewish because my grandmother said her father was Jewish. So far I haven't
found them in immigration records; I don't know what port they entered nor
where they were before they lived in Detroit. Any suggestions? Thank you,

Barbara Thompson [CITY ??? ] Virginia USA

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